Ultra-thin Design 

Only 5 mm / 0.19 Inch Thin


Developing an effective Thermal protection system and keeping it as thin as possible meant pushing current technology to the limits. Every component was carefully chosen in order to develop Optimal into a complete solution, while keeping it as thin as possible.

Optimal case Ultra-thin view
Optimal case lightweight body

Ultra Light Body


Using the latest technology in Aerospace metal, Optimal is constructed from the finest material available. By incorporating Aerospace technology, optimal case now feels light as a feather.

0.8 mm / 0.031 Inch Side Walls


Diamond Cut chamfers, hand polished to perfection. At 0.8 mm / 0.031 Inch, Optimal side walls gets the attention, beauty & strength they deserve.

Optimal case side walls view

Get the protection you need, when you need it the most.

Anti-Freeze Winter mode


Optimal is equipped with an ultra-thin heating coil that is attached to the back of the highly conductive Copper plate. When Optimal feels the start of temperature drop that will risk your phone, Anti-Freeze mode will engage the coils to make sure your device will not pass the safe zone & freeze. Your device can now function at top performance levels, even in harsh sub-freezing conditions.

Active Cooling Summer mode


Optimal keeps your phone cool whenever you need it the most. Optimal is designed to function as an extension to your smartphone metal chassis. Thanks to a pair of the world’s smallest Micro Fans, which are virtually silent & measuring just 2mm with high air flow of 1,3 l/min, you can now push your device to the limits & be worry free. Optimal case will dissipate the heat much faster and let your smartphone keep up with your pace.

Be worry free

Every Optimal system has a built in Auto pilot operation mode. When Auto mode is enabled, Optimal will automatically sense the slightest temperature change around your device and will engage Anti-freeze or Cooling action in order to prevent dramatic temperature shifts. This could result in performance loss & internal damage.

Auto Mode can also be disengaged – letting you take full control over optimal operation with a dedicated Application.

Strategically placed dual High Sensitivity temperature sensors.

Let Optimal take full control

Be worry free

Optimal got you covered.

Analyse and take full control.


Optimal is equipped with low-voltage Bluetooth transmitter which allows Optimal to establish full communication with our dedicated application. using Optimal App, you can now be in full control of the case response & operation. Take change & set custom operation modes based on your activity and geographic location, set your own custom safe temperatures zones, set alarms threshold and much more.


In Addition, Optimal app lets you analyze your use of installed applications, games and the Thermal effects they have on your smartphone.

Bluetooth icon
Optimal case software view

With you at the edge


Build For The Extreme


The unique composition of Optimal Breather grills allows free & high volume rate of ventilation through the entire cross section of the case. All of this happens while preventing migration of dust and water into the case Intakes. Optimal is guaranteed to be durable and to withstand harsh outdoor conditions like rain or dust. You’re covered all the way.

Optimal breather tape

Damage free


When Optimal operation is disturbed and air vents are blocked, could be in your pocket, buried deep inside your bag or from any other reason, Optimal is equipped with internal speaker that will alert you about insufficient air passage and that Optimal needs your attention, before any damage will take place in your smartphone.

Speaker icon

Laser Sintering Technology


In order to create optimal complex internal geometry, Amited had to push manufacturing limits. Optimal is constructed from the bottom up using the latest DMLS technology.  With DMLS we can now create a body that has never been seen before with such a complex structure and excellent durability.

Optimal aluminum chassis

We’ve got you Completely Covered


Every Optimal system is guaranteed to meet the full manufacturing demands of each model we design. we make sure nothing is skipped, ensuring top performance levels with full thermal cover. In Addition, every Optimal system will be delivered with Gorilla Glass screen protector for 360° protection.

iPhone 5 schematics

Reception & Wifi cutouts

Optimal case antennas cutouts

Clear charging & audio ports

Optimal case bottom view - 3 colors

No Metal Contacts

Optimal case no metal contacts view

No flash reflections

Optimal case camera zoom
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