Referral program

We value our backers tremendously, but funding is not the only way to help make Optimal a reality. We need lots of help spreading the word, and will thank you with more than a simple “thank you.”

With our REFERRAL REWARDS, you’ll get Optimal case of your model & color choice! It’s really simple — share us much as you can, the top 3 referrers wins.
(we will announce the winners at the end of Optimal campaign)

1. Create an Indiegogo® account or back the Optimal campaign on Indiegogo® to create an account automatically.

2. Sign in to your Indiegogo® account (already done if you just backed us).

3. Use the sharing links on the Optimal campaign page to copy/post your unique referral link. Your social networks are a great start, but getting creative via emails, WhatsApp groups, texts, etc. will give you broader reach and increase your earned rewards.

4. Track your progress. Click: Your username at the top right of the page > My Profile > Referrals. Watch your REFERRAL REWARDS grow as you share your unique link.

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