A complete Thermal solution for your Smartphone.


A fully automatic case that ensures your device stay within the safe temperature zone 24/7.

by constantly monitoring for temperature shifts and adjusting accordingly, Optimal makes sure your smartphone operates at maximum performance levels during any task or weather conditions.

Battery capacity, CPU & Graphics are now at their top game. no matter where you go or how often you use it.

Optimal Case Side View
Zooming on the Back of Optimal Case

Better everything.

4 Status Icons

Optimal is the only case available today that’s designed to protect both the internals components and the external chassis of your smartphone. Using the latest resources in micro technology, we are now able to give you the thinnest and smartest high-end case ever made for your smartphone.

Opened Optimal Case

Available colors

At the first stage of production, Optimal will be available in Natural silver, Smoke and Gold colors. All aluminum chassis will be treated with anodized coating to the highest standards. this process will insure maximum durability and stunning looks for a long period of time.

The Colors of Optimal Case

* Optimal in Copper limited edition will be treated with 3 stages of high end protective electronic coating in order to minimize low term corrosion while retaining the stunning looks of pure Copper.

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