Frequent asked questions

What is Optimal ?

Optimal is the first ever High-end case designed to protect the internal electronic components of your smartphone from extreme temperatures or excessive use.  Ensuring ideal conditions for operation will boost the performance and lifespan of your device.

How do I install Optimal on my smartphone ?

Optimal is designed to be as simple as it gets. All you have to do is place your smartphone in the case, press the Smart On button and you’re all set.

Will Optimal be available for more phone models ?

Yes. We are in continuous development in order to make Optimal available for a wider range of Smartphones & Tablets. We set a golden rule at Amited, that we will make sure everything is top notch and built to the highest standards. Every new case we design goes through extensive lab & outdoor testing before we can bring it to you. Stay in the loop on our latest updates and progress, sign up for Amited Newsletter and we will keep you updated.

Will Optimal compatible with Apple Touch ID ?

Yes, Optimal does not interfere with Touch ID functions.

Can I take pictures/use Optimal ?

Definitely. Optimal system is guaranteed to meet the full manufacturer’s demands of perfection in design. Special attention was given to the Camera section to make sure no flash glare will stand in your way to get the perfect shot.

Does Optimal waterproof ?

Optimal is highly weather resistant, but it is not submersible.  All Electronics are sealed and protected with our special Breather grill which keeps the elements out while allowing high flow of air into the case chassis. Fine dust, small particles, sand, spilled water, rain & snow are all kept out.

Does this case reduce Cellphone reception ?

Optimal has been designed according to all manufactures strict guidelines and we have tested Optimal on the following bands: 850/900/1800/CMDA/PCS and WCDMA with success.  All Optimal case models offer Antenna cut-outs in order to allow a healthy TX/RX reception of your smartphone. Based on our testing, the Aerospace Aluminum chassis may cause some signal degradation on GSM/CDMA bands depending on service provider, signal source strength,  and smartphone model.

Has Optimal been tested ?

Yes, Optimal has undergone extensive environmental testing in freezing conditions, snowboard activities & multi-tasking in extreme heat in the Middle Eastern area. Even today, Optimal is being tested on a daily basis by our engineers & pilots worldwide, to ensure the highest quality build, functionality, and protection.

What does Optimal includes ?

In the box you will get the world’s first active thermal protection case, English user manual, micro-USB cable charger and free Gorilla glass screen protector for your selected model.

Do I have to charge it ?

Yes, The Optimal system is powered by an internal high capacity battery and does not require power from your smartphone. Charging is done simply by connecting the supplied Micro USB cable to any normal USB power source.

How long does one charge lasts for ?

It really depends on your activity. Optimal is designed to be operated in sleeping mode throughout its operation and by that saving precious battery life. Optimal will engage the protection needed ONLY when sensing a change in temperatures, and only when your device will be at risk.

What is the planned Retail cost for Optimal ?

Optimal is designed to be the first truly high-end case for your smartphone. Prices are not final at this stage and we estimate that Retail cost will be between $140 and $170 for the US market

Is there a belt clip ?

At the moment, we are not developing a Belt Clip for Optimal, stay tuned for updates via Amited newsletter.

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